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In 2016 Articity participated in the European + program “Cooperation for innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices for Vocational Education and Training”. The association received praise for its “New Technologies for Handicraft” Project (NTH).
The second meeting of the NTH Project took place in Perugia in June 2017: Italian and European partners, including Articity, Infolog (Italy), Svefi (Poland), Epralima (Portugal) and Inneo (Poland) worked on the creation of an e-learning handicraft platform. The project’s aim was to combine traditional craftsmanship knowledge with innovative methods and modern technological equipment.
Financed by European funds, the project provided international students with materials in English in order to enhance, promote and disseminate knowledge of crafts. During this significant cultural event, a small cultural revolution took place in Perugia that has brought local artisans’ experience and passion to the rest of Europe.
On June 2 and 3, 2018, Articity joined Svefi’s “Handicrafts Weekend” in Haparanda, Sweden. During these meetings the partners displayed the new e-learning platform, and highlighted how the union between traditional crafts, new technologies and different cultures is essential, if artisans are to respond to the current market and the demands of future generations.
The “New Technologies for Handicraft” Project platform was also officially presented to the Perugian community on October 19, 2018, during the conference “Artigianato, come cambia il racconto”. The conference was attended by representatives from Perugia’s city council and the University of Perugia, as well as various artisan companies and the European Project partners.


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