Art and Crafts between Lake Trasimeno and Perugia

Articity Tour: la Via del Chiugi (the Chiugi route)

The Project wants to build an ideal bridge, through various forms of art and artistic craftsmanship, between places crossed by a road, of Etruscan origin, that symbolically unites them. There’s a close link between Perugia and Lake Trasimeno, that in ancient times was called the Lake of Perusia.

The importance of the lake is testified by 2 panels of the Major Fountain, the symbol monument of Perugia: one reproduces 2 fishermen with fish, another the Nymph of Trasimeno.

The Chiugi route (“La Via del Chiugi”) starts from Porta Trasimena located in Perugia, via dei Priori, which faces the lake and outlines a path made up of points of interest in the area leading to the Trasimeno lake and its surroundings. In part, this road retraces the ancient Etruscan road that once connected the three Etruscan cities (Lucomonie) of Perugia, Chiusi and Cortona. The project is aimed at recovering the identity of this road, of a territory, of a community with its traditions and peculiarities through social and cultural experiences.

The Articitytour proposals, meant to rediscover the ancient “Via del Chiugi” and its artistic and cultural treasures, have been planned in collaboration with the artisans of Perugia and the tourist guides of the Association MeravigliArti in Umbria.

These are not package-standard tours, but experiences along a road and tailored tours, where art and craftsmanship intertwine from time to time.

Discover Perugia in a new and unique way through Articity tours! Articity Tours are designed for those who want to discover and visit Perugia, getting in touch with the people, the culture, the tradition and the local talents..