Discover Perugia in a new and unique way on one of our Articity tours!

Articity tours will allow you to get to know Perugia’s people, culture, tradition and local talents first-hand.

In Perugia’s historic center, many artisan Workshops came together under the name of Articity in 2009. Our artisans dutifully pass on ancient traditions and universal values in their Workshops, while carefully paying attention to design and innovation. Their creations are the result of a fruitful and centuries-old artistic tradition combined with originality. We want to share all of this with curious travelers and handicraft lovers!

Discover our tour and satisfy your curiosity and desires!

Creativity Tour

The Creativity Tour is a journey between beauty and fantasy through our Artistic Craftsmanship Workshops. Artistic Craftsmanship aims to produce handicraft products exhibiting both artistry and workmanship. Art and Crafts…

Tradition and Innovation Tour

The Tradition and Innovation Tour is a journey through the "new frontiers" of craftsmanship. Our artisans face a challenge every day: giving new value to craft skills through technology. They…