The Tempio di Sant’Angelo The Tempio di Sant’Angelo is one of the most popular historic attractions in Perugia. This church has ancient origins: it dates back to the late 5th century and is one of the oldest Christian churches in Italy. Also known as “Il Tempietto” (the Little Temple), it was first built over an earlier Roman temple – hence its circular form.

It is not only the external form that generates curiosity; the interior is also very evocative. We find two concentric rooms, separated by sixteen reused Roman columns, and four chapels oriented towards the cardinal points. Traces of Medieval frescoes on the walls suggest that the temple interior was once more brightly colored. The light enters from twelve windows creating a fascinating play of light. The temple dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel was once the only Christian place of worship, in a city still dominated by pagan culture and religion. Indeed, its location owes to the fact that it had to be built on a hill that was once outside the city limits.

Of particular note is also the nearby gate, Cassero di Porta Sant’Angelo, a crenellated Medieval fortification built in 1325 by Lorenzo Maitani, and incorporated into the city’s walls. From its terrace you can enjoy a beautiful view of Perugia and its sourrandings.

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Tempio di Sant’Angelo

Via del Tempio, Perugia