Via Tiberio Berardi, 5, Perugia
Via Appia, 5, Perugia
Via Baldeschi, 10, Perugia
Via Fatebenefratelli, 2, Perugia
Piazza IV Novembre, Perugia
Piazza IV Novembre, Perugia
Via Appia, 23, Perugia
Piazza IV Novembre, 14, Perugia
Via Fatebenefratelli, 2, Perugia
Piazza Italia, Perugia
Via del Tempio, Perugia

Tradition and Innovation Tour

The Tradition and Innovation Tour is a journey through the “new frontiers” of craftsmanship.
Our artisans face a challenge every day: giving new value to craft skills through technology. They need to adapt to the changing times and be ready for the present and future demands of the market.
The future of the craftsman is technological, bringing innovation to “Made in Italy” by combining tradition and new technologies.

As custodians of tradition, our artisans not only put into practice centuries-old tradition but they are also adapting to the changing times, innovating and renewing themselves in the process. Thus giving rise to contemporary creations and diversified styles. On the Tradition and Innovation Tour, visitors will journey from the Medieval and Renaissance tradition of arts and crafts to the most innovative and refined handicraft, uncovering an immense heritage.

Perugia is both ancient and contemporary. The city thrives on it’s beautiful art-making. Visiting ancient and modern workshops will give you the opportunity to get to the heart of the creative process, observe techniques and mastery, learn about materials and styles, and live the experience of craftsmanship between tradition and continuous innovation.

We will take you on an amazing journey through Perugian Workshops: we will observe how manual and ancient techniques are combined with cutting-edge methods, materials and tools. This gives a contemporary dimension to products, while ensuring they remaining artisanal and timeless.

The tour will start from the stunning Studio Moretti Caselli, an artistic stained-glass windows Museum and Workshop, just steps away from Rocca Paolina; we will then continue to the historic center, Corso Vannucci, and we will also cross Via Appia and the Medieval Aqueduct. Finally, we will end our tour by visiting the Giuditta Brozzetti Weaving Atelier.

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience with an expert guide or at your own pace, and take home unique and beautiful creations. Book our Tradition and Innovation Tour now!

Guided tour

Average duration of tour: approximately 3 hours.

Tour of the craft workshops with expert tour guide: demonstrations of work in the workshops and visits to historical sites and buildings near the workshops.

Free tour

Create your own route through Perugia's historic centre and visit the workshops on your own.

Guided tour

Discover Perugia with an expert guide: check availability and cost of guided tours on the dates you prefer.

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