Since the times of the Umbri and the Etruscans, Umbria has been home to communities whose handicrafts represent an important evolutionary testimony.
The Benedictine and Franciscan orders have enriched this land with spirituality, art and culture. Over the centuries the beauty of this region has been captured by many great artists such as Perugino, Raffaello, Piero della Francesca and Beato Angelico.

In the Middle Ages, crafts ‘factories’ and shops were at the centre of the Umbrian economy. Arts and Crafts Guilds, were founded as associations of all citizens who were practicing the same trade or profession. The bond between the city and crafts has always been strong: indeed, the city has exerted a great influence, entwining their fortunes and histories.

Articity seeks to create a network of Umbrian crafts with the aim of supporting the local economy, and promoting cooperation between Workshops.

Articity also creates Thematic City Tours through towns and villages of the territory to enhance urban centers and to help people get to know more about today’s workshops as well as past monuments and history. These new itineraries give new value to artisan skills and activate new growth. Artisan crafts not only preserve the ancient techniques, but are also renewed over time thanks to the use of new technologies, bringing innovation to craftsmanship.

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