The association “ARTICITY – Artisan Workshops of the Historic Center” was founded in 2009 by President, Maria Antonietta Taticchi, and members to promote all types of craftsmanship.

The association supports and encourages crafts in Umbria, and especially, in Perugia’s historic center, which has an exceptional historical and artistic value. Its objective is to develop, protect and promote the tradition, the manual skills and the products of craftsmen. Artisan businesses are the result of a centuries-old artistic and productive tradition, rooted in the territories to which they belong; for this reason they can’t be replicated elsewhere. At the same time, they are also bearers of universal values (Charter of Artistic Craftsmanship).

The profound link between crafts and the Umbrian territory is one of the association’s fundamental concerns. As a matter of fact, the active presence of artists and artisans in a society guarantees the preservation of tradition and history, and also the development of thought and creativity. In addition, it also strengthens the feeling of union between citizens, and between people and place.

In this regard, Articity, following the guidelines of the Italian Manifesto of Artistic Craftsmanship (2001) and of the International Charter of Artistic Craftsmanship (2010), aims to be supported and recognized by universities, technical schools, trade associations and institutions. This allows it to become an important partner in actions and projects which lead to the study of new artistic craftsmanship in a contemporary context. The training of younger generations is a further objective of the association: it is essential that they are able to approach manual activities and learn how to make, design and invent in order to become custodians of tradition and, at the same time, to bring their innovative vision to this noble workmanship.

The association regularly organizes conferences, seminars, exhibitions and events to promote its mission.

Tours and workshops are also held in the artisans’ ateliers: in this way, citizens, tourists and students have the possibility to learn about and discover crafts. The association encourages a different type of tourism through these unconventional and exciting itineraries.

Are you a craftsman or do you have an activity linked to tourism or traditional craftsmanship in Umbria and would you like to reach more customers or give greater visibility to your company? Would you like to become a member or supporter of Articity?

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