Maria Antonietta Taticchi
Caterina Aquinardi

Materia Ceramica

Whoever enters this little ceramic Workshop located in Perugia’s historic center is immediately seized by a sense of joy, serenity and peace. Every single piece is unique, a true memento from a visit to this special part of Italy

Francesca Abbozzo, Art Historian

Materia Ceramica is the Workshop of Master Craftsman Maria Antonietta Taticchi. It is located in the heart of Perugia’s historic center, in Via dei Priori. Maria Antonietta Taticchi began her career as an apprentice ceramist when she was sixteen years old, in Guido Montanari’s Workshop, in Deruta. After she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Perugia, she opened her own atelier, choosing quality production over quantity production.

Each terracotta piece is meticulously treated at every stage of manufacturing, from glazing to firing, and freehand ornamenting. The artisan carefully observes the pottery piece shape and then gets inspired by its three-dimensionality. The result is always different and each piece is absolutely unique; a true work of art.

The knowledge of Deruta craftsmen, and the long Umbrian artistic tradition meet in her art, in a pottery painting technique that is totally original. In Taticchi’s production, Umbrian landscapes are the centerpieces of functional pottery pieces. Every piece is the result of a careful perspective study and extraordinary skills in freehand painting. Perugia’s architecture and countryside are depicted on plates, vases and lamps; which gives viewers the feeling that they could step into the Umbrian landscape.

“I love painting glimpses of my city. I’m in love with the landscape that surrounds me; its Medieval villages, the Etruscan walls, the rivers and lakes, the olive trees, the vineyards, the wheat and sunflowers fields… covering the white surface of my ceramics.”
Maria Antonietta Taticchi

However, the bond between tradition and territory did not stop Maria Antonietta Taticchi from constantly innovating and renewing herself, combining tradition and new technologies. The invention of the Pink-Lamp is a clear example: a contemporary designed, hand-decorated and customizable ceramic table lamp, made in collaboration with the engineer Giacomo Benedetti. La serie di lampade da tavolo pink-lamp è un tributo alla città di Perugia. The Pink-Lamp series is a tribute to the city of Perugia. The characteristic motif in white and pink stone that covers part of Perugia’s Cathedral facade, inspired the body of the lamp’s texture, which was then faithfully reproduced using a 3D printer.

For a few years now, the artisan and her daughter Caterina Aquinardi, have worked together in the family Workshop. Caterina decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps, but she specialized in the creation of handmade jewels instead. Ceramic necklaces, bracelets, keyrings and bow ties, all completely customizable, enrich Materia Ceramica’s production, and add a contemporary touch.

Known by everyone in the town, Maria Antonietta and her little shop, Materia Ceramica, are a reference point for many people in Perugia. For a tourist or a lover of Artistic Craftsmanship, entering her world means going on a journey through tradition, innovation, culture, history and art. Last but not least, the hospitality and kindness of the artisan is a plus: she is always ready and happy to satisfy every customer’s request by customizing her works or creating new ones as desired.

Materia Ceramica

Via dei Priori, 70, Perugia