Via dei Priori, n.1, Perugia
Via Tiberio Berardi, 5, Perugia
Via dei Priori, 70, Perugia
Via dei Priori, 26, Perugia
Via San Francesco, 4, Perugia
Via Sant'Agata, 4, Perugia
Via Sant'Agata, 1, Perugia
Via Appia, 23, Perugia
Piazza IV Novembre, 14, Perugia
Via degli Sciri, Perugia

The Creativity Tour is a journey between beauty and fantasy through our Artistic Craftsmanship Workshops.

Artistic Craftsmanship aims to produce handicraft products exhibiting both artistry and workmanship. Art and Crafts thus come together to give life to common use objects with a huge creative and decorative value. Each piece is the result of human creativity; it is unique in and of itself, containing years’ worth of history, tradition and wisdom. This is what gives value to our artisans’ creations.

On the Creativity Tour we will take you to the Artistic Workshops of the city, and we’ll discover the creative process that lies behind the final piece of artistic craftsmanship. We will observe Umbrian artisans while they are at work , creating unique handmade stained-glass, ceramics, gold objects and all kinds of jewels.

Watching the artisans’ wonderful ability to combine dexterity and imagination will take you on a rich and exciting journey!

The tour will start from the Arco dei Priori; we will then cross Via dei Priori and its small Workshops; we will continue on Via Appia through the Medieval Aqueduct, which offers a picturesque view of the city. We will finally reach the fascinating Giuditta Brozzetti Weaving Atelier where we will conclude our journey by witnessing the creativity of Perugian artisans.

Uncover the secrets and magic of artistic craftsmanship up close with an expert guide or at your own pace. Book our Creativity Tour now!

Guided tour

Average duration of tour: approximately 3 hours.

Tour of the craft workshops with expert tour guide: demonstrations of work in the workshops and visits to historical sites and buildings near the workshops.

Free tour

Create your own route through Perugia's historic centre and visit the workshops on your own.

Guided tour

Discover Perugia with an expert guide: check availability and cost of guided tours on the dates you prefer.

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