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Anna Barola Italian Jewels

Anna Barola Jewels offer a perfect balance between style and innovation! Pure Italian elegance!

Susanna Chiara Biletta, customer of Anna Barola Italian Jewels

Anna Barola is a Master Craftsman, she is an expert in embroidery and very passionate about her job. For a few years now, the artisan and her daughter Lucia Castellini have worked together in her Arte & Artigianato Workshop.

Inspired by the “fuseruola”, an object which her mother used for years to embellish her embroideries, Lucia Castellini had an innovative idea: she launched Anna Barola Italian Jewels, a Ceramic Jewelry line.

The “fuseruola” is a small ceramic object that has an ancient, even prehistoric, origin. They were used in textile art to balance the spindle during yarn making, keeping the thread very tight in order to achieve a more uniform result. In Umbria, thanks to the rich tradition of Deruta ceramics, these small objects were embellished with paintings so that they would become beautiful miniatures to be gifted as a pledge of love. As a matter of fact, in the past, brides were gifted a “fuseruola” with a message of love, a name or a dedication written on it.

Inspired by this centuries-old tradition, today Lucia Castellini produces many handmade “fuseruola” and is in charge of the creation process: from clay modeling to firing and finally painting.n the last phase, she gives free rein to her imagination and the “fuseruola” becomes a true jewel. It is a long and laborious process that requires the key elements of patience and passion to obtain an amazing result.

Lucia Castellini’s goal is to share the ancient and extraordinary Deruta ceramics tradition with the whole world. This ancient art, which incorporates earth, water, fire, colors and craftsmanship, is adapting to the modern world and creating unique handcrafted jewels.

Anna Barola Italian Jewels

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