The Moretti Caselli Studio, is one of our Museums Workshops that offer guided tours. Since 1894 it has been located in the 15th-century home of Guido Baglioni, a few steps from Rocca Paolina. This residence is the today Palazzo Moretti Caselli

In 1540, Pope Paul III reaffirmed his supremacy by destroying the Baglioni family’s houses and built his fortress, Rocca Paolina, so that he could control the city of Perugia.

Guido’s house was the only one left, being outside of the Pope’s building project. In 1575 thanks to Marco Antonio Bartolini, this residence housed the Collegio della Sapienza Bartolina, an institute for poor university students. In 1825 the Pope sold the building to the University of Perugia.

Shortly after, the University rented out the building to the “Carabinieri” force, one of the Italian police forces, so it had been a police station for fifty years. Only in 1894, it went on sale and was bought by Artist and Artisan Francesco Moretti who founded there his Studio.

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Palazzo Moretti Caselli

Via Fatebenefratelli, 2, Perugia