“Creative Weaving” by Emiko Miyazaki

Unique interweaving between East and West.

1. What do you create and propose to your customers in your workshop?
I work with a manual loom that gives birth to original items: scarves, table cloths, rugs and mats, bags and many other articles. Using Japanese fabrics I give life to unique accessories, also conceived in cooperation with the customer. My creations bring a new atmosphere into your home, but I also produce fashion accessories, elegant and unique accents for your garment.

2. Why are your creations unique?
I choose threads one by one and, by combining them, create my colours inspired by the four Oriental seasons. This means bringing my traditions and my culture into the country where I live, creating harmony that interweaves East and West with grace and refinement.

3. What materials do you use and transform? Do you employ any special techniques?
I use linen, cotton, silk, wool and cashmere threads. I choose them from a  mong the most precious on the market and from among those that can guarantee the best finished products. Then, I weave them with patience and passion on a treadle loom.

4. Where did you learn how to do this work and how long have you been doing it? Will you pass your wealth of knowledge and experience on to anybody else?
I learned how to weave here in Perugia in 2001. My enthusiasm was such that I began to work on my own in 2003. I don’t know whether anyone will want to exploit my wealth of experience. I am aware that my work method is something which profoundly belongs to me and is strictly bound to my culture and traditions. I don’t know whether I would be able to step down to somebody else. What will be will be.

5. In what way does your activity belong to the history and traditions of this city?
Craftsmanship means creativity, which renews itself through the fusion of different ideas and cultures. I feel I am part of the cultural and social milieu of Perugia and I hope that these ties will become stronger and stronger.

6. What is your personal way of participating in the future of Perugia?
Ten years ago I decided to live in Perugia and, through my work, I take part in the cultural initiatives of this city. In the future, I would like to become more and more actively involved in the life of Perugia.

7. What arouses your enthusiasm and what makes you the proudest of what you do?
I find every step of the production of one of my creations exciting: from the initial idea, through the production phase, to the finished product. Finally, I love having contacts with people and inviting them into my workshop so they can see how I do my work.

8. What is the greatest emotion that you would like to convey to someone who buys one of your creations? I would like to bring a bit of Japanese style into the daily lives of my customers. 9. How would you persuade, in a few words, a customer to enter your workshop? “Welcome to my little workshop, where you can see and touch unique products …also while I’m making them!” 10. What are your customers’ most frequent comments about your creations? They tell me that they have never seen products like mine, then, they enjoy examining them down to the smallest detail to see how carefully they are made.

Emiko Miyazaki – Creative Weaving –
Atelier : Corso Cavour 89 -06121- Perugia Italy
Tel : +39 333/747 8453
Web: www.facebook.com/CorsoCavour89
E mail : ozak69@hotmail.com

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