Studio Moretti Caselli by Forenza Maddalena

Artistic glass windows with a view over five generations.

1. What do you create and propose to your customers in your workshop?
I propose what my mother did, as well as her great-aunts, her great-grandfather and her great-grandfather’s uncle. In conclusion, experience is not lacking! Like them, I create and restore artistic glass windows. I execute and, possibly, elaborate my customers’ requests, but I also create items based on themes that spring from my own imagination, or I reproduce old drawings belonging to my ancestors. I produce “Tiffany” objects (glass, copper and tin) and sandblasted glass items with various kinds of decorations.

2. Why are your creations unique?
The creation of every glass window is unique and, therefore, each one has its own story. To make them I utilize techniques that were tested and perfected by my ancestors. My family has been working for five generations creating artistic glass windows and I carry on their tradition adapting it to our times.

3. What materials do you use and transform? Do you employ any special techniques?
I mainly work with glass, lead, tin, copper and glass paints. My basic technique is similar to the one applied by everyone who creates artistic glass windows. However, our own secrets and equipment that have been passed down from generation to generation are not lacking, such as the wood furnace, designed by my great-, great- great-grandfather Francesco Moretti, in which the painted glass is baked.

4. Where did you learn how to do this work and how long have you been doing it? Will you pass your wealth of knowledge and experience on to anybody else?
I learned how to do this work from my mother. I have breathed the air of this workshop since I was a child and one day I realized that this craft would be my life. I strongly wish that I could leave my wealth of knowledge and experience to someone! At the moment, a cousin, who is studying at the Academy of Fine Arts, has shown her interest in my work.

5. In what way does your activity belong to the history and traditions of this city?
Since 1860, for five generations, our family of artists have been creating artistic fire-baked stained glass windows in the historic centre of Perugia. Interiors, glass windows, sketches, cartoons, epoch objects and photos of the Moretti Caselli workshop are expressions of the history of this city and of its artists.

6. What is your personal way of participating in the future of Perugia?
I participate in the future of my city by keeping its artistic roots sound. I maintain our tradition alive and vital in a place that is unique and open to anybody who wants to get first-hand knowledge of how past and contemporaneousness wed artfully.

7. What arouses your enthusiasm and what makes you the proudest of what you do?
It gives me great pleasure to work in a place where there are exceptional works and every day there is something to discover. I love showing my Museum-workshop to the public, because I believe that there is nothing else like it in the world. The satisfaction I feel when a work has been accomplished and I see it mounted is an unforgettable emotion and my heart fills with pride.

8. What is the greatest emotion that you would like to convey to someone who buys one of your creations?
I would like my customers to feel the tie that develops between me and a work during its production, so that they would appreciate my work even more and would understand that each of my creations has a soul.

9. How would you persuade, in a few words, a customer to enter your workshop?
“Entering my workshop means seeing a place and works that you have never seen before. Enter for two minutes…and you’ll stay for more than two hours!!!!”

10. What are your customers’ most frequent comments about your creations?
They realize that my glass windows are very different from those on the market. This may be because my ancestors and I are in each one of them…

Studio Moretti Caselli di Forenza Maddalena, Via Fatebenefratelli 2 – 06121 Perugia Tel.: 075 5720017 Fax: 075 9660807 Cell.: 340 7765594

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