Mancini Interiors

Centuries-old experience you can touch.

1. What do you create and propose to your customers in your workshop?
I design furniture, doors, iron lighting devices, such as chandeliers , wall sconces, ceiling light fixtures, furnishing accessories, wall decorations. Pieces that are worked, painted, gilded and antiqued or polished with different techniques and materials depending on the result sought. Moreover, I restore and/or sell antique works of art: furniture, frames and paintings.

2. Why are your creations unique?
Because they are the outcome of my ingenuity, culture, experience, eyes and hands.

3. What materials do you use and transform? Do you employ any special techniques?
The materials I use for bases are wood and iron. For finishing I utilize acrylic-based gilder’s plaster, acrylic tempera paints, pure or imitation gold-leaf, silver, metallic pigments and so on. I have created special effects through processes and stratifications that I’ll never reveal even under torture…

4. Where did you learn how to do this work and how long have you been doing it? Will you pass your wealth of knowledge and experience on to anybody else?
My experience developed in my family’s workshop and I refined it working for important local companies. So far, I haven’t found anybody to whom I can pass on my experience.

5. In what way does your activity belong to the history and traditions of this city?
Our workshop was born in the early 20th century when my great-grandfather Umberto arrived from Todi, gaining a certain success and the respect of enthusiastic amateurs almost immediately. His three sons carried on his activity in many ways, each one following his own interests and so did the generations that followed. In conclusion, I feel that our workshop shares its history with Perugia…

6. What is your personal way of participating in the future of Perugia?
By continuing to live here and trying to propose models and objects that not only have strong links with our tradition but that can also evolve to be in tune with contemporary life.

7. What arouses your enthusiasm and what makes you the proudest of what you do?
The possibility to express my creativity and to use my own techniques creating objects that people like and that can become part of my customers’ daily life.

8. What is the greatest emotion that you would like to convey to someone who buys one of your creations?
I would like those who buy something made with my hands to look at it, touch it and verify its quality and duration feeling inside esteem and respect for my work and for the century-old artisan tradition pursued by those who preceded me.

9. How would you persuade, in a few words, a customer to enter your workshop?
“Let me arouse your curiosity…whoever comes in might not buy anything but he always leaves enriched.”

10. What are your customers’ most frequent comments about your creations?
They compliment me a lot. Then, I amuse myself because, when they have to pay, they are afraid they have exaggerated by overpraising my items…

Mancini Interiors s.a.s, Via Baldeschi 2 – 06123 Perugia
Tel./Fax: +39 075 5728931

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